Project team

The University of South Australia

Project Leader:

Tracey Bretag, BA (Hons), MA, EdD (by research), Director: Global Experience, University of South Australia. Bretag brings extensive research experience on academic integrity to the group. Bretag’s interest in the topic began with her own doctoral work, ‘Implementing plagiarism policy in the internationalised university’ (Bretag 2005). Bretag is the founding editor (originally with Helen Marsden) of the International Journal for Educational Integrity, member of the Advisory Board of the International Center for Academic Integrity, and Co-Chair (with Ruth Walker) of APFEI.

Project Manager:

Saadia Mahmud, MBA, MPhil (Management), Grad Dip Fin Plan, PhD, Research Associate, School of Management, University of South Australia. After a decade of working in banking and finance, Mahmud joined UniSA in 2001. Mahmud’s doctoral thesis entitled “Role of self-organisation in the handling of adaptive challenges by enterprises” (Carapiet 2006) found that open and honest communication and trust were related to the ability to self-organise. The vital role of open and honest communication, and trust in organisations is a recurrent theme in her research, including her work with Bretag on plagiarism (2007; 2009). Mahmud was also the Project Officer for the ALTC Moderation for Fair Assessment in Transnational Learning and Teaching Project (2008-2010).

Team members:

University of Wollongong:

Ruth Walker, BA (Hons), PhD, Learning Development, University of Wollongong. An Early Career Researcher, Walker co-chaired the 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity at UOW in 2009, is currently Co Chair (with Tracey Bretag) of APFEI and the Guest Editor for the IJEI Vol 6(2) 2010. Walker was awarded an ALTC Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning Citation 2008 for “sustained work to collaboratively integrate contextualised academic integrity into curricula”. Walker’s contribution to the project drew on her research interests in affective theories of plagiarism and the impact of digital media to research and writing practices, as well as her commitment to collaborative cross-disciplinary project development.

Margaret Wallace, BA, GradDipEd (Nursing), PostgradDipNursing (Midwifery), MEd, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Centre for Educational Development, Innnovation and Recognition (CEDIR) at the University of Wollongong. Wallace co-chaired the 4th Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity in 2009, and co-convened the Academic Integrity Symposium at UOW in 2008. She has been active in promoting academic integrity in the field of Health and Behavioural Science, and provided a useful perspective on governance and academic integrity policy implementation.

Margaret Green Dip Physio, MAppSc (Physio). Green has been a core member of APFEI since 2003, and in 2007 Co-Chaired (with Bretag) the 3rd Asia-Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity: Creating a Culture of Integrity, at the University of South Australia. Green was a Lecturer in Health Science, Academic Integrity Officer, at the University of South Australia, and her background in Health Science brought to the research team an alternative perspective coupled with quantitative research methods. Now retired, Green is currently an adjunct Fellow at the University of Wollongong.

La Trobe University: Julianne East, BA, DipEd, PostGrad DipEd, MEd, PhD, La Trobe University; Chair, La Trobe University Turnitin Users Group; Resource Developer, Academic Integrity website La Trobe University. East has been an integral member of APFEI since it was formed in 2003, and has been instrumental in promoting academic integrity at La Trobe University. East’s (2009) framework for aligning academic integrity policy and practice provided the theoretical foundation for this project.

The University of Adelaide: Ursula McGowan, BA (Hons), Dip Ed, Grad Dip Ed, MA, Deputy Director, Centre for Learning and Professional Development, University of Adelaide. McGowan has been researching and writing about academic integrity since the 1990s. Her professional focus on student learning has contributed to the emphasis on educational approaches to academic integrity in this project.

The University of Newcastle: Colin James, BA, BJuris, LLB, MPhil, PhD, GCertPTT, Newcastle Law School, University of Newcastle. James is a lawyer/researcher, a senior academic, a member of the University of Newcastle Research Ethics Committee and a member of several management committees and community reference groups in the community sector. He has a strong interest in ethical practice, clinical legal supervision and professional responsibility. He has been a member of APFEI since 2005 and is responsible for drafting its constitution. His research interests include the intersections of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and professional development.

The University of Western Australia: Lee Partridge, BSc (Hons), Grad Dip Ed, EdD, Assistant Professor in the University of Western Australia’s Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning. She has a particular interest in the areas of student experience and academic integrity and has played an integral part in the UWA response to developing students’ sense of ethical scholarship. She co-convened the 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity (5APCEI), held at UWA in September 2011.