Project stages

The project was designed to occur in four stages with distinct project milestones for each phase. While the milestones are illustrated as a flowchart below, we constructed this project so that each stage was not dependent on the completion of the previous stage. 




                                           Flow chart of project milestones


The project took a four stage approach, using both quantitative and qualitative methods:

Stage 1: Collect and analyse academic integrity policy data

The academic integrity policies of 39 Australian universities were accessed online and analysed from December 2010 to March 2011. 

Stage 2: Collect and analyse academic integrity breach data 

We aimed to collect and analyse academic integrity breach data from the six project partner institutions to determine how universities actually respond to breaches of academic integrity in practice. Our purpose was to identify examples of good practice in responding to breaches of academic integrity as well as instances where inconsistencies between policy and practice might usefully be addressed. This stage was re-evaluated due to issues in obtaining comparable data.

Stage 3: Determine good practice

A total of 28 focus groups and 28 interviews were conducted from June to December 2011. The student survey at each of the six participating universities was open during the period June-August 2011 and received a total of 15,304 responses.

Stage 4: Develop and disseminate exemplars and learning resources

This was done in collaboration with team members, academic integrity breach decision-makers and a colloquium of experts from August 2011 until the conclusion of the project.