The Academic Integrity Standards Project held a colloquium on 10 February 2012 at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia. The aims were to:

  • formulate a shared understanding of academic integrity across the higher education sector via the input of key academic integrity researchers and practitioners 
  • refine and finalise the exemplars emerging from the research 
  • contribute to the development of practical teaching and learning resources which can be adapted according to context
  • provide ongoing opportunities for participants to collaborate across universities.

Twenty six participants at the project colloquium included the nine project team members and fourteen project reference group members. The colloquium participants represented fourteen Australian and two international universities with a high level of expertise in academic integrity issues across the higher education sector. The colloquium was organised as an interactive workshop style event with participants engaging in discussion and review of the project deliverables. The colloquium agenda included a  Project Overview presentation by the project leader Tracey Bretag (see below) and five sessions facilitated by the project team members. 


Session 1: What is academic integrity? facilitated by Ruth Walker, 

Session 2: Five core elements of exemplary academic integrity policy by Tracey Bretag,

Session 3: Case scenarios by Lee Partridge and Colin James,

Session 4: Teaching and learning activities by Ursula McGowan and Julianne East, and 

Session 5: Evidence of fairness by Margaret Green and Margaret Wallace. 

Participant evaluation facilitated by Saadia Mahmud. Feedback from the participants was very positive. Based on feedback at the colloquium, the project team refined the project deliverables.