Policy practice

These activities will help familiarize new teaching staff with their own university’s academic integrity policy to encourage an alignment of policy and practice.

Why induct new staff?

There is an expectation that for academic staff it is intuitive. (Learning advisers focus group, University D: FG5)

Just as students do not always understand the process about what happens when they breach academic integrity expectations, staff are often unfaniliar with their university's policy and procedures. Sometimes they are not familar with their own responsibilities to promote academic integrity in their teaching. This can lead to inconsistencies from class to class, or sometimes even from faculty to faculty. To ensure a fair and consistent response to breaches of academic integrity, it is essential that new staff are given an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the culture, processes and procedures relating to academic integrity.

There are two main tasks. One is to help the students to acknowledge the work of others properly, to behave with academic integrity. The second role is to carry out the processes of investigation fairly and as consistently as possible. The first seems a simple statement but is actually very complex (Student focus group, University E: FG3)

Frequently asked questions by new staff

This activity responds to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and inducts new staff into their university's academic integrity policy.

Activity: get new staff to find, download and read their university’s academic integrity policy before they discuss their answers to the following questions:

  • What are my individual responsibilities in relation to academic integrity at this university?
  • What should I do if faced with a case of seeming academic misconduct?
  • Where can I advise students to go to get support or further advice about academic integrity?
  • Should I do something before a problem (eg with plagiarism) comes up?

Case studies to test against your university policy

This short list of case studies would help promote discussion amongst new staff about their university policy. Our other case studies canvas a broad range of issues, but these are a good introduction to common scenarios and issues that face new staff.

Case study: does good policy mean good practice?

Case study: designing out plagiarism

Case study: workload implications for tutors

Policy and Practice activities to download and use

Activity: staff decide on responses to cases

Activity: a quiz to introduce policy guidelines

Online resources and advice

  • Northern Illinois University tutorials for students and staff. "Promoting academic integrity by increasing faculty's awareness of the issues and offering them strategies to address academic dishonesty incidents effectively. This tutorial is intended for self-paced learning by faculty regarding issues related to academic integrity."
  • Brock University has academic integrity tutorials and information for students, staff and family members 


Please use the following citation when referring to this resource:
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