Project history

The Academic Integrity Standards Project: Aligning Policy and Practice in Australian Higher Education 2010-2012 developed out of the research group that formed the core members of the Asia Pacific Forum in Educational Integrity (APFEI).

The project received funding of $174,000 (AISP Proposal) from the Australian Learning and Teaching Council (ALTC), which is now known as the Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT). The project commenced in December 2010.

 An aligned approach to academic integrity in the current project extends earlier work by East (2009) that to inculcate and foster academic integrity, universities need to align policy, teaching and learning practices, academic integrity decision making and academic integrity review processes.

The project displayed its poster (AISP Poster) at the 5APCEI Conference at Perth in September 2011 and the AISP Colloquium at Adelaide on 10 February 2012.



East, J. (2009). Aligning policy and practice: An approach to integrating academic integrity, Journal of Academic Language and Learning, 3(1), A38-A51.