Learning activities

The following collection of learning activities has been developed throughout the course of the Academic Integrity Standards Project. They were developed in light of Stage 4 of our project, where we considered how a culture of academic integrity might be more effectively fostered.

The learning activities are divided into a number of different categories:

  • Policy Practice: these activities focus on helping new academic staff understand their own university's policy and to consider their role in promoting academic integrity in their practice.
  • Introduce: these activities are targeted at new students, or students who have transitioned in their study from another institution. Many of the resources or modules presented here may be used during Orientation. The majority of the activities focus on referencing skills or how to avoid academic integrity breaches - but some introduce students to the positive aspects of academic integrity.
  • Develop:  these activities are designed for students who have already been introduced to academic integrity during Orientation, but who would appreciate some further development in their second or third years of study. Some of these activities are discipline-specific, asking students to consider the impact of academic integrity on their chosen field of study, or as it is tied to a particular assessment task.
  • Connect:  this page asks academic staff and program coordinators to consider how academic integrity can be connected across the curriculum, so that students' learning is incrementally scaffolded and linked to their graduate attributes and future professional practice in a positive way.
  • Remix:  this sample activity has been adapted or remixed in a number of ways, modelling for academic staff how a learning activity might be adapted to suit different student cohorts or different teaching contexts.

Please use the following citation when referring to this resource:
Academic Integrity Standards Project (AISP): Aligning Policy and Practice in Australian Universities (2012). Learning activities, Office for Learning and Teaching Priority Project 2010-2012, http://www.aisp.apfei.edu.au/learning-activities