Exemplary elements of policy

The “core elements of exemplary academic integrity policy” identified in the Academic Integrity Standards Project (AISP) is based on analysis of the online academic integrity policy of 39 Australian universities.  The figure "Core elements of exemplary academic integrity policy" (Bretag et al. 2011) on the right depicts the five elements of exemplar academic integrity policy: Access, Approach, Responsibility, Detail and Support.

An overarching commitment to a culture of academic integrity lies at the heart of an exemplary academic integrity policy to ensure the five elements work coherently and consistently together. The elements do not exist as separate and discrete aspects, and nor is any one element privileged over another. In presenting our vision for exemplary policy we advocate a stance that goes beyond traditional notions of knowledge. We maintain that wisdom is needed to understand both the centrality of academic integrity to higher education, and the importance of strong governance based on clear ethical principles.

This resource provides excerpts from the academic integrity policies of Australian universities that the project found to represent one or more of the five elements of exemplary academic integrity policy.

 Exemplary elements of academic integrity policy (PDF, 812.33 KB)

Exemplary elements of academic integrity policy (Docx, 2.56 MB)

The activity below applies the five elements to an academic integrity policy:

Exemplary elements activity (PDF 364.44 KB)

Exemplary elements activity (Docx, 1.18 MB)

Please use the following citation when referring to this resource:

Academic Integrity Standards Project (AISP): Aligning Policy and Practice in Australian Universities (2012). Elements of exemplary academic integrity policy, Office for Learning and Teaching Priority Project 2010-2012, http://www.aisp.apfei.edu.au/content/exemplary-elements-policy


Bretag, T., Mahmud, S., Wallace, M., Walker, R., James, C., Green, M., East, J., McGowan, U. & Partridge, L. (2011). Core elements of exemplary academic integrity policy in Australian higher education, presented at the 5th Asia Pacific Conference on Educational Integrity:  Culture and values, and published in the International Journal for Educational Integrity, Vol 7(2), pp. 3-12, available online: http://www.ojs.unisa.edu.au/index.php/IJEI/article/viewFile/759/574