Case studies

Enabling strategies enact academic integrity policy. Without long-term, sustainable and practical support resources, a policy will not be enacted, no matter how well it is articulated.

The cases in this resource cover a range of academic integrity issues in Australian universities with application for a wider audience. These case studies have been developed by the Academic Integrity Standards Project (AISP). They are based on common issues related to academic integrity in a variety of different contexts in Australian universities. 

"I suspect that every senior manager needs to have some training in the issue of academic integrity principles.  I learnt mine on the job, so I think that needs to be worked through so that the policy and the implementation and the people who have that power understand those principles...I think the thing that's interesting is using case studies...How would you deal with someone who had this story; you know, what would you do, and then work out what you'd do pragmatically versus where the policy fits from there." (Interview with Senior Manager, University B, Academic Integrity Standards Project)

Although they may be based on real life stories, the cases have been adapted and anonymised for the purposes of this project resource.  The case studies are designed to be used as triggers for discussion in group seminars and primarily target teaching staff, although they could be used for discussion with students or other academic integrity stakeholders.  Each case study includes a printable handout in PDF and Word, and a matching powerpoint presentation in PPTX. The complete collection of case studies is available below:

Cases studies on academic integrity.pdf (878.88 KB)

Cases studies on academic integrity.docx (151.5 KB)

Please use the following citation when referring to this resource:

Academic Integrity Standards Project (AISP): Aligning Policy and Practice in Australian Universities (2012). Case studies, Office for Learning and Teaching Priority Project 2010-2012,