Case studies: outcomes

These case studies explore issues of student awareness of breach outcomes and the case of law students where a breach of academic integrity can have long term implications. Each case has a printable document in PDF and Word format and a powerpoint presentation in PPT or PPTX.


Academic Integrity Standards Project (AISP): Aligning Policy and Practice in Australian Universities (2012). Case studies, Office for Learning and Teaching Priority Project 2010-2012, 

I heard you get expelled for plagiarism

A ‘first in family’ undergraduate student is nervous about the consequences for plagiarism and works hard to use sources appropriately in her assignments.  Despite her best efforts, she finds herself facing an academic integrity investigation and decides to withdraw from her studies rather than cause her family shame.

Law students are a special case

In his application for admission to practice law, a graduate fails to disclose a breach of academic integrity that occurred in his first year as an undergraduate. This lack of disclosure is discovered and he is struck off.